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Here are some of our latest testimonials. We are always happy to do business with new and returning customers. Contact us today, or stop by!

"If you never have visit Paris before.
Those pastries will make your taste buds travel in Champs Elysées. His pastries are amazing because you can feel the freshness quality of his products. Freshly made from scratch and probably one of the best in USA and they are few. Thank’s to chef AVY and My french café for you work."

Jhonny Atys
Orlando, Florida


"How can we imagine having a taste of France in our plate for a special event ? With two of our specialities made by My French Cafe ! So good, so tasteful! Thanks Avy to contribute making my son’s birthday a success with your wonderful Mille-feuilles and Tropezienne ! Everybody loved it! ""

Laurence Remesy-Laffont


“I have been in Orlando for 12 years now, and after trying all the french patisserie / boulangerie, I gave up, thinking it must be something in the water or the flour that makes it impossible for anybody, even french, to bake anything close to what I have been used to growing up in France….until I met Avy. He gave me hope again! He had the kindness to bake me a famous "gallettes des rois" with the real almond frangipane (not the fake cream that most "bakers" in town use) . It was not only beautiful but also fabulously delicious. The quality was just perfect. I felt I was back in France (and it was even better then the ones from France!!!) and I was so happy for my son and husband to taste such quality. Since then I have followed Avy’s talent through his facebook page (until My French Café opens) and I have rarely encountered such talent. You can see the love, passion and perfection in everything he makes.
I give him a A+++ and just can not wait to taste more!!!!!
Thank you Avy and good luck with My French Café. I have no doubt you will do wonderful."

Mia Diercks

“Some amazing and delicious pies From Avy and My french Cafe, for an summer Pick-nick…"

Daphné Perret Vergeau

I recently celebrated my birthday with my best friends. The masterpieces were undoubtedly the 2 deserts purchased at My French Café! The Opéra cake was just a perfection of very thin layers of the finest home made creams (chocolate, café, pralines…), topped with this little square of real gold, like if it came directly from the best parisian pastry makers. That’s my favorite! The other one was a "fraisier" with gorgeous strawberries, a super light cream. A pleasure for the eyes, even more pleasure for the palate! Avy, please continue make marvels with such talent and passion!

Olivier Flament